UDS 214 Universal finishing machine

UDS 214.41 mounted on automobile chassis TATRA 815 721, in fire fighting and rescue modification.
Self-propelled multi-purpose landscaping machine mounted on TATRA 815 chassis (alternatively other type– MAN, MERCEDES, RENAULT). The machine is primarily intended for fire fighting and rescue corps and finds its application wherever there is a need for immediate action to save lives and property, during natural disasters, fires, industrial accidents.

This modification is primarily designed to perform operations such as:

Excavations of anti-fire trenches on forests and fields, both as a prevention or directly during the fires.

Demolition of civil and industrial objects effected by the fire, both during the burning and also after the fire has been extinguished.

Breaching of roofs and walls of burning object in order to enable penetration of extinguishing mixture into the objects.
Releasing, widening and deepening of river beds during floods.

Removing of ice blocks and tree trunks from rivers during floods.
Other rescue operations.