CSM Industry s.r.o. is a mechanical engineering company that draws on 50+ years history of engineering and manufacturing of heavy machinery in Tisovec. The company specializes in production, sales and services of multi-purpose telescopic excavator UDS and its additional devices as well as the cooperative production of welded components.

History of production began in 1967.

In the same year the state owned enterprise “Závody ťažkého strojárstva Tisovec” was established.

Throughout the history we have created a number of successful products. Production started with mixer PM500 in 1967 and was followed with automobile excavator D032a in 1969. Its production continued until 1974 when the production of SATUR 051k started.

In 1967 began to be written the history of production of the new series of legendary multi-purpose telescopic excavator UDS 110a and since 1984 UDS 114a. In 50 years to company produced more than 30.000 construction machines.

Beginning of production

Started the production of mixer PM500 in the years 1967-1969

Automobile excavator D032a

Was produced in the years 1969-1974

SATUR 051k
Was produced in the years 1974-1976

UDS 110a

Was produced in the years 1976-1982

UDS 114a

The most successful product from the series UDS. Was produced
for more than 20 years from 1984 until 2006.

of production

The company is divided in individual production centers in which the production activity is channeled into five individual technologically interconnected production units with the main technological equipment.

The technological equipment of CSM Industry s.r.o. enables to produce various parts such as frames, booms, arms and other for its customers and can provide them with comprehensive services from operations as material preparation to final machining, painting and assembly.

The part of production process is also R&D department where the production process begins.

The main product of the company
is multi-purpose telescopic
excavator UDS